Why choose J2?

At J2, we know SAP Sybase inside, out. 

First and foremost, J2 are database experts. With decades of “hands-on” SAP Sybase expertise, developed working client-side, we understand first-hand the kinds of challenges you face and the best license configurations to meet them. The result is lower TCO, higher ROI and happy customers.

Expert consultancy when you need it.

SAP Sybase is all that we do. As a result, you can be confident of working with a specialist consultant who will react quickly to your needs. Areas of expertise include; Database Planning & Design, Database Upgrades & Support, Cross-Platform Migrations – On premise and in the cloud, SQL Server, Oracle, Implementation of Performance monitoring solutions, Troubleshooting/Fine tuning of database systems, Estate Reviews and SAP training courses.

Consultancy is available from one day assignments to longer term DBA projects. We also offer a range of enhanced support services (including 24/7 peak period cover), designed with the flexibility to support our customers when they most need our help.

The best of both worlds.

J2 works across the SAP partner network to ensure we get the best deals for our customers.  For example, through our relationship with itelligence, the UK’s biggest and award-winning SAP partner, our customers can choose to benefit from Partner Delivered Support as well as have access to excellence across the wider SAP solutions base.



Why work with a SAP partner?


SAP recognises how much its customers benefit from purchasing through specialist partners such as J2. As a result, it actively encourages them to do so.  But what are the benefits?

Personalised relationships with solutions tailored to your exact needs.

Sometimes working directly with a large organisation like SAP may not be practical.  Partners like J2 can often offer more specialist knowledge and the flexibility to quickly tailor solutions to meet your exact needs.  We do this whilst working closely with SAP, ensuring that our customers are always up-to-date with the latest SAP developments.  

Add value with Partner Delivered support.

With this optional scenario, whilst of course you still have direct access to SAP expertise, your partner will work with you on support issues e.g. proactively managing tickets on your behalf with SAP. This service extends across all your SAP Sybase requirements, from license management through to support and planning.

Partner Delivered Support is free of charge and can lead to lower TCO – get in touch to find out more.

Access to products only available through the partner network.

Virtually all of SAP’s SME customers are serviced directly through partners and for this reason some SME specific solutions such as ASE Edge, Advanced Edition are only available to buy through the partner network.