The benefits of moving Sybase licenses to SAP

More and more long-term Sybase customers are choosing to move their estates to SAP.  Why? Because the benefits are considerable.  Here we outline how what you can expect to gain:

Deployment Flexibility and Business Agility

With conversion, all existing licenses can be changed to SAP’s revolutionary ASE Platform Edition.  This excellent licensing model allows interchange between ASE, IQ or Replication Server whenever required, giving you the flexibility to re-architect landscapes in response to market conditions, peak periods or new business demands – without the need to invest in new licenses each time.  

This highly efficient approach ensures that you get maximum usage of each license within your estate.

Lower Future Costs and TCO

Moving to ASE Platform Edition not only optimises license deployment but unlocks a wealth of additional otherwise chargeable options for free.  The following functionality options come as standard:

  • SAP ASE – Partition, Encryption, Compression, High Availability, Security and Directory Services, Tivoli Storage Manager.
  • SAP IQ –  Advanced Security, In-Database analytics, Unstructured Data Access, Very Large Database Management.
  • SAP RS – Replication to HANA and Hadoop, Change Data Capture, Real-time loading, Advanced Services, Data Assurance

Extended Usage Rights to support Agility

SAP understands that the business landscape for modern, business entities is ever-changing.  As a result, Sybase customers converting to SAP gain generous Extended Rights:

  • Global usage of licenses beyond the current site
  • No limitations on Development, Test  & Standby servers   – all non-production use comes at no additional cost so that “Full-Use” licenses are deployed 100% for operational usage.
  • Ability to move more ops to the cloud (BYOL) or cloud deployment model
  • Inclusion of sub capacity rights allowing virtualisation on entire estate moving forward
  • Transfer of machine or to any current or future supported platform

The end result is a simplified data environment that is efficient, agile and cost-effective.

J2 specialise in helping Sybase customer convert to SAP.   Get in touch to find out more.