Adaptive Server Platform Edition

Adaptive Server Platform Edition (ASP) is a new licensing model from SAP that entitles the customer to perpetual license deployment rights to a core of their choice of SAP Technologies ASE, Replication Server or IQ. With ASP, users can switch between the cores whenever required, giving total deployment flexibility to change their data management landscape to match business requirements. As long as capacity exists within the ASP license estate, no further licenses are required.

Significant benefits:

  • Deployment Flexibility: IT departments have the flexibility to repurpose licenses across projects or switch the license mix of those products at any time.
  • Increased business agility: ASP’s flexibility in application deployment means that data management landscapes can easily be re-sized or re-designed in response to market changes.
  • Lower TCO across your license estate: ASP is competitive priced and in addition, by leveraging its deployment flexibility, current and future licensing costs can be significantly reduced.
  • Trade in of existing licenses for SAP customers: existing SAP license estates can be streamlined by trading in under-utilised licenses in exchange for ASP.
  • Additional functionality at no extra cost: previously licensed options come as standard reducing licensing costs and providing a solution to meet business, regulatory and security needs.

Additional standard options:

ASE Encryption, ASE Semantic Partitions, ASE Security and Directory Services, ASE High Availability, ASE Compression, ASE Tivoli Storage Manager, IQ Multiplex, IQ Advanced Security, IQ In-Database Analytics, IQ Unstructured Data Analytics,IQ Very Large Database Management, RS Real-Time Loading, RS Advanced Options, RS Data Assurance,RS HANA, RS Hadoop Hive. ASP also provides replication services for SAP databases and Hadoop in one product. This can be extended to replication to and from Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 and Oracle with a single licensed option.

Application Scenarios:

  • Implement ASE data compression to cut storage costs
  • Implement semantic partitioning in ASE to increase performance, reduce maintenance times and improve availability on very large data sets
  • Utilise ASE encryption to address regularity and business security requirements with no changes to application code – including removing access to business data from administration personnel
  • Deliver granular level access control to data with ASE Security
  • Extend security out from with encryption of data between applications and databases with ASP security
  • As data volumes and analytical requirements grow, migrate business intelligence and reporting functions to IQ, delivering industry leading query performance combined with a reduced storage foot print
  • Utilise IQ to meet corporate governance and regulatory requirements for information management
  • Utilise Replication Server to keep IQ synchronised in near real time from your OLTP systems
  • Extend data security out to your IQ systems with data and network encryption


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Useful links
ASE Encryption – Protect sensitive data with minimal performance impact
ASE Semantic Partitions – Partition data to deliver lower cost and higher performance
ASE Security and Directory Services – Ensure data privacy with row level access control, encryption of data in transit and integration with Active Directory, LDAP and PAM module.
ASE Compression – Compression of structured and unstructured data, reducing physical storage costs; improving cache and I/O efficiency.
IQ Advanced Security – Ensure the security of your data with encryption, authentication, authorization, and auditing.
IQ Very Large Database Management – Deliver simple, effective Information Lifecycle Management.