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We use our experience to help our customers identify the best SAP Sybase license configurations to meet their business needs.  

J2 are authorised resellers for:

SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE)

Drive faster, more reliable online transaction processing (OLTP) – for less – with SAP ASE – Adaptive Server Enterprise (formerly SAP Sybase ASE). Designed to meet the demands of the digital economy, this high-performance SQL database server uses a relational model to power transaction-based applications – on premise or in the cloud. More

SAP ASE Edge Edition, Advanced Version

Full functionality of ASE, with usage limited to 8 cores but with no limits on memory, storage or the number of users. This excellent low cost product is only available via SAP partners.  More

SAP Replication Server

Get real-time data updates from anywhere in your enterprise – with SAP Replication Server. This data provisioning software from Sybase delivers seamless data management, movement, integration, and synchronisation to satisfy a host of mission-critical needs. Use it for high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR), lightning-fast data distribution, quick decision making, and more. More


With more than 6000 installations, SAP Sybase IQ is the world’s leading RDBMS for data warehousing and Big Data extreme analytics.  Its column-based, grid architecture and patented data compression and indexing technology offer the highest levels of performance whilst making the most efficient use of resources. More

SAP Adaptive Server Platform Edition (ASP)

A new model offering unprecedented flexibility – rather than buy one distinct product, ASP allows you to switch between cores of ASE, Replication Server or IQ in response to your business requirements. More

Additional products:

SAP PowerDesigner

SAP PowerDesigner is a powerful modelling tool for data, information and enterprise architectures. More

SQL Anywhere

SQL Anywhere comprises a comprehensive suite of solutions that provide data management and synchronisation technologies for remote and mobile environments. More

SAP Business Objects BI

The SAP BI platform provides one suite for all insights, to a very high standard. More  



Migrating to SAP ASE from third party applications?

The SAP® Advanced SQL Migration tool has been developed to meet one one of the key challenges of database application migration, SQL code Conversion. SAP® Advanced SQL Migration tool automatically converts SQL queries, stored procedures, and database schema to reduce the effort, complexity, and risk of migrating your custom applications to SAP database platforms. More

Although it is not available for direct use by customers, it is available through SAP partners such as J2.  Get in touch to find out how it could be used to help your conversion.



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