What is iWatch?

iWatch is used worldwide to help improve performance of large-scale databases.  Unlike traditional monitoring systems, iWatch captures a complete record of every SQL request in real-time – crucially without using polling or other intrusive methods that might interfere with performance and add overhead to critical applications. It deploys easily, operates 24×7, and scales to handle such no-excuses installations as financial trading systems.

For every SQL request, for every user and application, and for every database instance that it monitors, iWatch delivers a complete performance record — with scores of useful measurements, plus detailed histories & summaries to help you with diagnostics and to pinpoint the highest-value targets for optimization and tuning.


Key benefits:
  • Improve business responsiveness – rapid resolution of problems
  • Zero performance impact on database
  • Improve DBA productivity by quickly identifying & isolating performance issues, and helping spot usage patterns, profile workloads and identify tuning candidates
  • Reduce operational costs due to decreased system downtime:
  • Receive notification when performance is degrading and not after the system has crashed
  • Reduce capital costs: no need to blindly throw hardware at performance issues (instead, fix the SQL)
  •  Single interface monitors across heterogeneous RDBMSes
  • A single iWatch Server can monitor multiple database instances
  • Simple deployment
  • Complementary to existing system/network monitoring tools (e.g., BMC, Tivoli, HP, CA)
Available for SAP Sybase ASE, IBM Informix, IBM DB2 LUW, IBM DB2 z/OS with DDF, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL