iReplay is a next generation testing tool that significantly reduces the time, costs and risks associated with enterprise database upgrades and platform migrations.   Through the capture of complete SQL workloads from live production environments and their recreation at full scale, the impact of proposed database changes can be tested against your actual production workload — all while in your test environment.

Designed to work with SAP ASE, IBM DB2 LUW & IBM Informix, iReplay is the perfect tool to manage database upgrades. Multi-day workloads can be captured and re-created with a high degree of fidelity to the original, including full concurrency, all sessions & data types, accurate sequence & timing, and true enterprise scale. This approach means that important changes such as version upgrades, platform migrations, fix pack updates, setting changes & more can now be readily measured & compared, and their impact evaluated, prior to deploying any of these changes into production, thereby reducing enterprise risk.

Through the use of iReplay, IT organizations can expect to accelerate testing cycles, reduce the risk of unplanned outages, and improve database performance while lowering the overall cost of operations. it is the perfect tool.

iReplay is available to purchase or to rent for single event usage such as database upgrades.

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