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Webinar: eliminating bottlenecks in SAP app development

Delphix is an innovative data platform. Delphix automates and orchestrates data flows across the enterprise for faster and more secure access to data - on-premise and in the cloud. One of the core concepts of Delphix to achieve this is the so-called "DataPod". A...

SAP confirm commitment to future of SAP Sybase technologies

News Release.  SAP has today announced its commitment to the future development and support of SAP Sybase technologies SAP ASE, SAP IQ, SAP Rep Server and SQL Anywhere.  As part of this commitment, SAP are giving customers the choice to maintain on-premises...

TechSelect 2019 Content now available

The UKSUG website has now been updated to include a variety of new content including presentations from Techselect 19 and information about the new ASE handbook.

Agenda for Techselect 2019

The agenda for Techselect 2019 is now out and the event is now free! Follow the link to book a place and view the agenda for the day. We hope to see you there! Techselect 2019 Tuesday 10th September 2019, The America Square Conference Centre, London.    ...

UKSUG Masterclass 5th June 2019

UKSUG are hosting a Masterclass update on 5 June 2019 at America Square Conference Centre, London. Email: uksug@pbprojects.co.uk to register.  

TechSelect 2019

TechSelect 2019

There's still time to register for TechSelect, 10th September at The American Square Conference Centre, London. Visit uksug.com to view the agenda.

Schedule an Expert support sessions

SAP has launched its Schedule an Expert service.  SAP customers can now book a 30 minute call with Schedule an Expert to discuss technical details of an open incident with a support engineer.  It is open to all SAP customer support levels at no extra cost.   Find out...

Version 3 of SAP Advanced SQL Migration is now available

SAP's Advanced SQL Migration tool greatly simplifies migration of custom applications to SAP, removing as much as 90% of complexities. Version 3 has just been released.   SAP Advanced SQL Migration supports the following source DBMS types: • Oracle; versions 9,...

SAP ASE Modernization Webcast series

SAP are running a series of SAP ASE seminars looking at the  4 key strategic thrusts of development : XOLTP, Cloud & Virtualization, Data Center Operations (Security, Availability, etc.) and integration with SAP HANA. SAP ASE 16 Feature Overview and Roadmap: May...