Get up to date with SAP Sybase with a free healthcheck

In the last three years there have been important changes to the SAP Sybase suite of database products. In addition to the recent technological advances of new releases, SAP has introduced some great licensing options; moving licenses to SAP gives users access to a wealth of licensing benefits as well as the highly innovative Adaptive Server Platform Edition licensing model.

And now SAP has widened its licensing choices further with the launch of ASE as a cloud service in Amazon Marketplace.

So where does all this leave you?

Assessing the true implications for your organisation can be difficult – each different licensing option offers many potential benefits but working out which one is right for your organisation depends on numerous factors including your existing landscape, your constraints/challenges, your needs and future strategic direction.

For this reason, we are offering Sybase customers the opportunity to find out more about the options open to them with a free health check session. During these sessions we use our knowledge of Sybase and its licensing to give an objective overview of the recent changes, showing how the different options work in practice. If required, we can also spend time understanding your Sybase landscape, the challenges you face and how new functionality and licensing options can help you meet your objectives.