SAP launch ASE on AWS

SAP has launched extreme transactional processing capabilities on AWS marketplace with new hourly (on demand) pricing for SAP ASE. SAP ASE public cloud edition is the Enterprise Edition plus advanced options including: Security, Encryption, Compression, Partitioning and Workload Optimisation.
We are currently testing out the new service – watch this space for our reviews.

Use SAP’s Advanced SQL Migration tool with J2

The SAP® Advanced SQL Migration tool has been developed to meet one one of the key challenges of database application migration, SQL code Conversion. SAP® Advanced SQL Migration tool automatically converts SQL queries, stored procedures, and database schema to reduce the effort, complexity and risk of migrating your custom applications to SAP database platforms. More

Although it is not available for direct use by customers, it is available through SAP partners such as J2.  Get in touch to find out how it could be used to help your conversion.

ROI Study: The case for SAP ASE database solutions

A five-year ROI of 251%. Reductions in unplanned downtime of 95%. Yearly revenue increases of $2.46 million. According to IDC, these are just some of the benefits achieved by organizations running SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise – the database for transaction processing in the digital economy.  Read the white paper.