TechSelect 2019

SAP have announced that this year’s TechSelect will now be held 10th September and the 5th June date will be a members’ masterclass session.   Updates will be posted here when available. Visit for more information as the event approaches.

Schedule an Expert support sessions

SAP has launched its Schedule an Expert service.  SAP customers can now book a 30 minute call with Schedule an Expert to discuss technical details of an open incident with a support engineer.  It is open to all SAP customer support levels at no extra cost.   Find out more

Version 3 of SAP Advanced SQL Migration is now available

SAP’s Advanced SQL Migration tool greatly simplifies migration of custom applications to SAP, removing as much as 90% of complexities. Version 3 has just been released.


SAP Advanced SQL Migration supports the following source DBMS types:
• Oracle; versions 9, 10, 11
• Microsoft SQL Server; version 2000s – 2012
• IBM DB2 UDB for LUW; version 9.x (NB: PL/SQL-compatible extensions are not actively migrated, although some aspects may be converted correctly)
• Teradata, version 14 or later Note: Teradata can only be migrated to SAP Hana
For all of these source DBMS types, later (or earlier) versions than listed above have not been actively tested. The migration tool may however still work for such versions, or work partially.
Currently, the following target DBMS types and -versions are supported:
  • • SAP Hana 2 SP03 Rev31 (or later) – generating Hana SQL/SQLScript syntax
  • • SAP ASE version 16 SP03 (or later) – generating ASE T-SQL syntax
  • • SAP IQ version 16.1 (or later) – generating Watcom SQL syntax
  • • SAP SQL Anywhere version 17 – generating Watcom SQL syntax

Find out more about Frequently Asked Questions. 

This excellent tool is available for use only by SAP and its partners.  Get in touch to explore how it could help your migration project.

Automatic Memory Management with SAP Replication Server 16.0 SP03 PL04

In SAP Replication Server releases prior to 16.0 SP03 PL04, the replication involving multiple databases was resource intensive and complex. With automatic memory management enhanced in 16.0 SP03 PL04, SAP Replication Server supports you to replicate multiple databases (certificated with 20) in parallel with the simpler configuration steps and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Thus, with this feature enabled, SAP Replication Server performs much better when you manage multiple pairs of databases in the HADR and non-HADR environments.


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SAP ASE Modernization Webcast series

SAP are running a series of SAP ASE seminars looking at the  4 key strategic thrusts of development : XOLTP, Cloud & Virtualization, Data Center Operations (Security, Availability, etc.) and integration with SAP HANA.

SAP ASE 16 Feature Overview and Roadmap: May 16, 1500 HRS BST

Accelerate your ASE based data-driven insights to near real-time with HANA: June 21, 1500 HRS BST

ASE Cloud Overview including Subscription Model Support: July 11, 1500 HRS BST

More info and to book


SAP launch ASE on AWS

SAP has launched extreme transactional processing capabilities on AWS marketplace with new hourly (on demand) pricing for SAP ASE. SAP ASE public cloud edition is the Enterprise Edition plus advanced options including: Security, Encryption, Compression, Partitioning and Workload Optimisation.
We are currently testing out the new service – watch this space for our reviews.

Use SAP’s Advanced SQL Migration tool with J2

The SAP® Advanced SQL Migration tool has been developed to meet one one of the key challenges of database application migration, SQL code Conversion. SAP® Advanced SQL Migration tool automatically converts SQL queries, stored procedures, and database schema to reduce the effort, complexity and risk of migrating your custom applications to SAP database platforms. More

Although it is not available for direct use by customers, it is available through SAP partners such as J2.  Get in touch to find out how it could be used to help your conversion.