ASE Edge Edition

SAP has replaced ASE Small Business Edition (SBE) with ASE Edge Edition.

ASE Edge is limited to 8 cores but there are no limits on memory, storage or the number of users.

At a very low price point, this product is an excellent choice for systems that do not require a high number of cores but may still need high volumes of processing – ASE’s new multi-threaded architecture combined with modern processors allows for high volumes of processing on a limited core count.

This product includes a free license of Replication Server for warm standby of ASE Edge data.

It also includes as standard many previously additional licensed options:

  • Security and Directory Services which provides SSL, LDAP authentication, row-level security and more to provide the highest levels of security and protection from un-authorized access
  • Encryption of sensitive information such as credit card numbers or SSNs that can only be decrypted by authorized users
  • Intelligent Partitioning of data based on its content, which improves performance, shortens maintenance times, and simplifies operations for aging data
  • Compression which can lower storage costs and improve I/o performance
  • Warm standby replication of ASE Edge data to protect businesses from data loss and accessibility in the event of a system failure

ASE Edge is only available to purchase through SAP partners. Please contact us for more information.

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