Software upgrades never feature highly on anyone’s ‘to do’ list, but with SAP ASE there is one deadline that can’t be ignored. At the end of December 2020, ASE 15.7 will no longer be supported by SAP.

Although it will still be possible to run 15.7, remaining on an unsupported technology is a highly risky strategy which may also fall foul of your customers’ compliance. Why not lighten your workload and let J2 do the upgrade for you?

We’ve helped numerous customers upgrade to ASE 16. With its improved functionality, there are many reasons to move but for many, the most compelling is to benefit from full encryption at rest to meet regulatory and customer requirements.

J2 can provide advice on the upgrade process, provide additional resource to support your team or manage the whole upgrade for you. All upgrade work can be completely remotely or on-site if preferred. Get in touch for advice or to discuss your requirements.