Delphix is an innovative data platform. Delphix automates and orchestrates data flows across the enterprise for faster and more secure access to data – on-premise and in the cloud. One of the core concepts of Delphix to achieve this is the so-called “DataPod”.

A DataPod gives developers, testers, or data analysts access to a personalised data environment that they can version in minutes, reset to a previous time, or update with masked data from production using self-service capabilities.

What you will learn in this webinar:

• How can SAP environments be cloned within minutes?
• How can the downtimes in SAP System Refreshes be minimised?
• How can the data be masked in the context of an SAP system refresh?
• How can the SAP non-production environments be migrated to the cloud?

Eliminating Data Delivery Bottlenecks in SAP Application Development
21st January 2020 | 10am GMT | 11:00 CET

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