Recent research commissioned by SAP among leading IT decision makers has confirmed what we all know to be true: firstly, the majority of organisations aren’t getting the most out of their data and secondly, data landscapes are so fragmented and complex that they limit business agility. Source: Data 2020: State of Big Data Study

No shocks here but, as more and more Sybase users are discovering, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Those organisations who choose to convert Sybase estates to SAP (or indeed migrate from any other provider) access a level of technological flexibility and business agility that previously they could have only dreamed of. The game changer? The option to convert all licenses to SAP’s revolutionary Adaptive Server Platform Edition.

What makes Adaptive Server Platform Edition ground-breaking is its deployment flexibility. Using Platform Edition businesses can interchange deployment between cores of SAP ASE, SAP IQ or SAP Replication Server whenever required, giving the flexibility to re-architect landscapes in response to market conditions, peak periods or new business demands – without the need to invest in new licenses each time.  Yes, you read this correctly, Platform Edition is, in essence, three different SAP Sybase data management technologies in one. This level of agility is unprecedented within the data management market. Highly efficient, Platform Edition eliminates technological waste, ensuring that every license within an estate can be used to the full.

Lower Future Costs and TCO

However, flexibility and increased business agility are not the only features that set Platform Edition apart. The license model includes as standard 15 otherwise chargeable specialist options, significantly reducing future TCO. Standard options are:

  • SAP ASE – Partition, Encryption, Compression, High Availability, Security and Directory Services, Tivoli Storage Manager.
  • SAP IQ – Advanced Security, In-Database analytics, Unstructured Data Access, Very Large Database Management.
  • SAP RS – Replication to HANA and Hadoop, Change Data Capture, Real-time loading, Advanced Services, Data Assurance.

Extended Usage Rights to support Business Agility

What is also impressive is that this technological agility is mirrored by licensing flexibility. The business landscape is ever-changing and as a result, SAP offers its customers generous Extended Rights. As standard, non-production use comes at no additional cost so that “Full-Use” licenses are deployed 100% for operational usage. Licenses may also be used globally on any machine or any current or future supported platform, and cloud deployment is straightforward. As virtualisation moves up the business agenda with urgency, the inclusion of sub capacity rights allowing virtualisation of entire Sybase estates is yet another extremely valuable benefit.

As those customers who have already converted will testify, the move unlocks the massive potential of SAP Sybase technologies to fully exploit Big Data – with the superior speed of IQ data warehousing delivering powerful on-demand analytics capabilities across the entire organisation.

The end result is a simplified data environment that is efficient, agile and cost-effective.

As a leading UK SAP Sybase consultancy and reseller, J2 are experienced in helping Sybase customer evaluate the benefits of converting their estates to SAP.  Get in touch if you would like to discuss how your organisation could benefit from a conversion.