iWatch is used worldwide to help improve performance of major databases including ASE, DB2 and SQL Server.  Unlike traditional monitoring systems, iWatch captures a complete record of every SQL request in real-time – crucially without using polling or other intrusive methods that might interfere with performance and add overhead to critical applications.

The use of query-level logic offers the user many advantages in addition to non-intrusiveness. With iWatch, performance is measured from the perspective of the application or end user (rather than capturing IT-centric metrics), enabling organisations to quickly pinpoint areas where the most dramatic performance improvements can be made. In addition, comprehensive reporting features ensure that following an incident, iWatch can be used to immediately identify what has changed and why e.g. has user behaviour changed since this morning, yesterday, last week…?  These are significant advantages in complex, distributed environments where critical time can be wasted simply determining which area of expertise within the IT organization can best be brought to bear to resolve a particular issue.

J2 are delighted to be able to add iWatch to their existing suite of solutions, which includes SAP (Sybase) database & technology tools and iReplay workload capture tool.

Jo Hughes, Marketing Manager at J2:  “As specialists in both the implementation and on-going application of SAP database technologies, we are continually seeking technologies that will help our customers quickly improve performance and reduce costs. iWatch is one such tool – it deploys easily and offers extensive real-time metrics, comprehensive reporting and an intuitive, easy to use interface. We believe iWatch is an excellent monitoring choice for any user-driven organisation with a complex database environment that wants to maintain its performance edge.”

iWatch is available for a free 30 day evaluation:


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iWatch and iReplay are both developed by Exact Solutions, specialists in performance tools for large-scale database environments. www.exact-solutions.com

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